About Our Company


Dr. Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 900I:2008 certified, direct selling company that was established in 2016 with its corporate office in Nawa Salla(Punjab).Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. started at very small scale. Gradually it developed from every aspect and now it is going stand as Biggest Marketing Company. To ensure Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. Associate are serviced well, we have an extensive network of company operated Frenchises offices, distributor service centers that cater to millions of Associates. Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. has made its presence in almost every state of India through Franchise.

The Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. holds the key for achieving organizational goals which helps in determining the needs and wants to target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than the competitors.

High quality products, simple direct selling system, strong vision, dynamic mission and great commitment are the main tools of Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd.. our company is started with just 4 products. Tomorrow we will have around 50+ products covering all categories such as Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care, and Agriculture Aid.

We believe that "thinking together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success". It is an opportunity with great earning potential while working in your daily routine spare time. We sincerely believe that it can change your life for the better by helping you to fulfill your long cherished desires and dreams and makes you financially free in the shortest possible span of life. The aim vision of the company is that together we can help people to achieve happier, healthier lives, attain personal freedom and make you in charge of your time, income and dreams.

Dr.Sairahconsumer products Pvt. Ltd. organizes leadership Development Programme, Success Celebration Programme and Product Training for our associates. These programmes help to get more knowledge and experience about the company. we have a witnessed the transformation of many ordinary associate into powerful speakers and successful entrepreneurs.